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Greetings Vendors!

Welcome to the 44th Holistic Festival, being held on Saturday, April 13, 2024. The beautiful location, at CenterPlace in Mirabeau Point Park, Spokane Valley, is central to Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, just minutes from the Pines exit on the freeway, near The Valley Mall.

   We do limit the amount of any one type of booth, resulting in our turning away potential vendors after the available slots of that type are taken. We also have limited vendor space, and cannot accommodate all the requests that come in at the last minute. Once filled, we must decline additional vendors. Reserve your space early! Do note that there is also a financial benefit for early payment.

   Free 25 minute lectures are offered throughout the day. We draw public interest by providing a diverse presentation. Unfortunately, a lecture spot for every vendor cannot be guaranteed, as only one lecture is presented at a time, so there is limited space. However, do trust that those interested in what you have to offer will visit you at your booth to learn what you have to say! This is one of the biggest benefits of attending a show of this size. As always, we will advertise the lecture schedule on this website and on Facebook.

   We are invested in keeping our prices down as much as possible so that the booth costs and admission fees do not have to be increased. The major portion of your booth fees is spent on advertising and publicity. We distribute over 3,000 postcards and posters in NW Washington and Idaho. In addition, we'll send you some small posters for posting at locations around your area. We'll also be sending you an email you can forward on to your friends and clients with the Festival details. Of course, word of mouth is the most valuable advertising available. We'll bring in over 500 people if each booth holder attracts only 10 friends and clients. Please help spread the word! Of course, we will continue our usual advertising: The Inlander, as well as newspapers in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Liberty Lake, Shoshone, Kellogg, Craigs List, numerous websites and Calendars of Events.

  Thank you in advance for donating a gift for the drawing, as it enables us to increase our mailing list, bringing more clients to your booth. Donations are collected at the beginning of the Fest. Do identify your donation with your name and contact information.

   Please co-operate with the overall spirit of the Festival by charging for services provided at your booth. It creates hardships if one vendor gives away the same service that another booth charges a fee to receive. A minimum of $1 per minute for services is requested, but you can choose your own price.

   Booth space will not be reserved until payment, Contract, and Application are received. Our reputation as being a light-hearted, balanced, and informative event, working in integrity, meeting your needs and doing our best to supply the public with the very best services available, is our mainstay. Thank you for upholding that space, making this a win/win situation. We look forward to sharing these events with you in the spirit of service and fun.

All the details regarding the Festival
are in the Contract & Application.
 Please read them.

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