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FREE  LECTURES      APRIL 13, 2024


10:30  POWERFUL 2024 TRANSITS - Jason C Doud, Tao Of Astrology

2024 is the year of the dragon.  It will be a year of powerful expansion and challenges.  Join Jason for an enlightening discussion regarding impactful planetary transits for 2024.


11:00   THE VAGUS NERVE  Dr. Jeff Hannah, Clear Chiropractic

The Vagus Nerve is one of the most important nerves in the body.  Dr. Hannah will teach what it does, why it is important to every aspect of health, and how you can keep it functioning at its optimum potential.  


11:30   FENG SHUI BASICS Jan Rednall, Feng Shui Solutions

The basics of Feng Shui tools will be explored with practical applications. The Bagua Map, Principles of 5 Elements, Chi Flow and setting intentions will all be covered by Master teacher Jan Rednall in this informative lecture.


12:00  WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings

Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, helping you make the best use of these heavenly helpers. She'll share tools to help you be aware of their presence & receive their assistance.


12:30  PSYCHIC PANEL Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings & Steve Kaye Intrinsic Psychic Card Readings share their psychic abilities by doing readings for the audience.


1:00   CLEAR DECISIONS/LESS STRESS  - Arlene Arnold,  Transformational Tools

Are you indecisive?  The complementary colors Yellow & Purple pinpoint your stress and together create harmony in your body and mind, enabling you to make clear decisions with ease.  Join Arlene to learn the power of color!


1:30  ASK YOUR GUIDES ANYTHING Shelley Mathews, That Pendulum Reader

Join Shelley to learn the basics of using a pendulum to communicate directly with your Guides. Attend this Lecture and learn how to find the answers to your most pressing questions. 


2:00  HEALTH IN YOUR HAND - Marla DeMars, Mystic Marla Palm Reading

Mystic Marla will teach you about what health information may be available in your hand.  It’s not all about the life line!  Join her for this illuminating lecture.  


2:30   QIGONG FOR HEALTH Stacey Cozza, Qi Balance / QI GONG 

Join Stacey in this lecture to experience the “5 Elements - Spring Forest Qi Gong Practice” for your mind, body, spirit soul connection.  


3:00   YOUR YEAR IN NUMBERS Suzan Owens, Numerology

Discover your Life Path number and the gifts you brought into this lifetime. We will look into what 2024 holds for each number. Knowing the number vibrations helps you to manifest a highly successful year.


3:30  TAKE A SHAMANIC JOURNEYJames Barfoot CHT, Intentional Hypnosis LLC

James Barfoot shares the various forms the transformation process takes through Shamanic Journeys.  From vision quests to guided visualization, these Journeys open doorways revealing undiscovered gifts, strength & support.   


4:00  VIBRATIONAL UPGRADE SYSTEM - Kristi Putnam, Unlimited Possibilities Energy Medicine 

Kristi Putnam will teach you how to increase the joy in your life by increasing your vibration through the Vibrational Upgrade System, which consists of energy medicine and applied mindfulness.


4:30  MEET YOUR INNER HEALER - Piper Warwick, Persephone Speaks

Piper will take you on a guided mediation journey to meet an inner part of yourself and assist you in getting in touch with your inner wisdom.

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