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FREE  LECTURES      OCT 21, 2023


10:30    MAITREYA: MESSENGER OF HOPE - Share Int’l, Maitreya: The World Teacher

As The World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius, Maitreya's priority is to encourage the sharing of the world's resources in order to solve humanity's problems of starvation, poverty, terrorism, and war.


11:00   DEEPENING YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH - Thomas Orjala, Spiritual Coaching

Thomas will illuminate how to take your spiritual practices to a new and unexpected level.  


11:30   WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER - Suzan Owens, Numerology

Discover your life purpose through Numerology!  Learn your personal year as defined by the Numbers and how it integrates with 2023.  See what the future holds for 2024!  


12:00  WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings

Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, helping you make the best use of these heavenly helpers. She'll share tools to help you be aware of their presence and receive their assistance.


12:30  PSYCHIC PANEL - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings, and Steve Kaye, Intrinsic Psychic Card Readings share their psychic abilities by doing readings for the audience.


1:00  CREATE CLEAR RELATIONSHIPS - James Barfoot CHT, Intentional Hypnosis LLC

Each relationship that we have is unique, from friends, co-workers, family, and partners.  Using the same boundaries with all of them is confusing.  James will help you learn how to use clear parameters to define each one!


1:30  THAT PENDULUM READER - Shelley Mathews, That Pendulum Reader

Join Shelley to learn how a pendulum reading connects you with your Higher Guides.  Attend this light-hearted lecture and learn how to find the answers to your most urgent questions. 


2:00  BALANCING INSIDE/OUTSIDE WORLD - Arlene Arnold / Stacey Cozza, Transformational Tools

If you are hyper-sensitive and intuitive, the outside world energies can be difficult.  Arlene and Stacey see this dilemma from an empowered point of view.  They will share simple practices that lead to authentic, magical living.


2:30  FENG SHUI BASICS - Jan Rednall, Feng Shui Solutions

The basics of Feng Shui tools will be explored with practical application for everyone. The Bagua Map, Principles of 5 Elements, and Yin/Yang balance will all be covered by Master teacher Jan Rednall in this informative lecture.


3:00  SOUND HEALING - Cheryl Miller, Celestial Sounds LLC

Join Cheryl in this full-body listening experience creating therapeutic and restorative relaxation.  She will utilize a variety of frequencies using crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums, and gong to strengthen the mind, body and soul.


3:30  SOUL CARE AS PROTECTIVE MAGIC - Piper Warwick, Persephone Speaks

Piper will explain the use of self-care and soul care as powerful, protective personal magic. Learn easy, effective strategies to use self-care as healing medicine to be able to protect yourself and use your gifts/talents.


4:00  WALKING THROUGH LIFE’S LOOKING GLASS - Rich Baker, Crystal Wolfe Blends

Rich will explain the difference between seeing the world through regular glasses and spiritual glasses.  This can change your perspective, therefore changing your perception of your life.  


4:30  HOW TO INCREASE YOUR INTUITION - Annie Bryceson, Intuition Coach

Intuition coach, Annie Bryceson, will teach you three specific tools that you can use and practice to help you increase your intuitive abilities.  

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