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April 15, 2023

Congratulations to our Gift Basket Winner - Annie Owen of Coeur d'Alene

Thanks to these Vendors who donated these wonderful gifts

J. Tau, J. TAU WORKS - Grill Cleaning Board

Scott Olsher, MY CRYSTAL STOP - Mushroom & Amethyst Point

Marla DeMars, MYSTIC MARLA PALM READING - Gift Card toward Intuitive or Healing Session & Decal

Tamelyn Bartleson, BRAIN INTEGRATION - Gift Certificate

Julie Ryder, MONTANA MEGALITHS - Book: Montana Megaliths in the USA

Cathy Olden/Dori Rice, HEART LOVE ENERGETICS - One hour in-person enhanced Reiki Session

Laura Newsom, BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Crystal Mystery Box

Vanessa Warden, SYNCHRONICITY MIND BODY SPIRIT - Bath Bomb, Lavender Centering Lotion, Candle Holder & Teas

James Barfoot, CHT, INTENTIONAL HYPNOSIS LLC - Two hour Hypnosis/ Coaching Session

Lenore Costello, SPOKANE ECKANKAR CENTER - Book: Awakened Heart

Amanda Davis, THE BLUE RAVEN LLC - Spellbound candle with gemstones

Heather Hunter, VERY HEALING PRODUCTS - Premium CBD Lotion

Ricky Lewin, RBD RESEARRCH LAB LLC - CBD Fruit Leather

Lisa Kuhl-Thomas, SOLE TO SOLE REFLEXOLOGY - 30 Minute Reflexology Session

Stacey Cozza, QIGONG - Wayne Dyer “The Shift” Box Set & Book on Relationships

LeAnne Waltrous, SOLFA SCENTS/AURA SCANS - Crown Chakra Sofa Spray

Shelley Mathews, THAT PENDULUM READER - Pendulum

Lenora Ramsey, GROUNDED REIKI - One Hour Reiki Session

Lisa Griffin Katz, HEALING STONE FOUNDRY - Black Onyx Necklace

Meredith Banka, THE WELLNESS COMPANY: MELALEUCA - Spray Bottle & Cleanser

Michelle Storment, MONAT VEGAN PRODUCTS - Gift Bag of Products

Kristen Duncan, INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING - One Hour Energy Healing Session

Maryann Smith, GAIA’S ROCK’N CRYSTALS - Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Tree

Jordan Imholt, JORDANS JEWELS - Malachite Point Necklace

Cindy Gardner, PSYCHIC ANGEL READINGS - One Hour Psychic Reading

May you enjoy these fabulous gifts, Annie!

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