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I have to say that it is a pleasure working with Cindy Gardner and Sybil Vaughn at and for the Holistic Festivals.

It is my opinion that they hold the best Festival around. Always great energy, diverse vendors and a wonderful location. Cudos to their crew also, (especially Sara, the floor manager) always there to give a helping hand and keep things running smoothly. My business continues to grow because of the connections I've made at these events. Couldn't be happier with the Holistic Festivals of Spokane. Dawn Charbonneau, Palmistry

I LOVED working this show. The vendors and the customers were all so up-beat! I had a great day.

Thank you!!! I definitely want to work it again. Love and blessings, Anita Warren, LifeWave

I had not been a vendor at a fair for many years. I was thrilled to find that the Holistic Festival was filled with wonderful vendors, great energy, and lots of interested fair-goers. We were busy constantly. I intend to make it twice a year! Arlene Arnold, The Power of Color

We really enjoy Cindy & Sybil & their team, who are a pleasure to work with. Everyone is always pleasant & accommodating to whatever our needs are as vendors. This is reflected in the positive & uplifted energy of the whole event. It is well organized, well promoted & carries a beautiful fluidity of energy. With a diverse offering of vendors, there is a broader variety of booths for people to explore & enjoy. It is truly an event to assist all that attend with greater opportunities for healing, awareness, expansion & just plain fun. We thank you for all that you do. Cathy Olden & Dori Rice, Heart Love Energetics

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with the Holistic Festivals, because I have overcome my shyness with crowds of people with practice. Now I feel joyful and it's attracting more people to my booth. Last festival one woman said she came over to talk to me because I looked like I was having fun. Definitely my expertise as a Reader and Healer has grown along with my self-confidence. I feel like I can relax and be myself now.

Sincerely, Sharon Wevers, Intuitive Discernment Healings

My absolute favorite thing about the festivals is the free mini lectures. I have learned so much over the years and become more aware of things going on in the holistic world. I also appreciate the friendly atmosphere and easy going pace that I think is the result of a smaller, more intimate venue. So please stay in touch, Jill Enabnit-Stokes

I love being at the holistic festival. Probably what I like best is the energy and the flow of energy there. There is a diverse group of people attending and presenting, but the focus and end result is healing and wellness. I always feel good about being there. Timothy Price DC. South Hill Spinal Care

It is with such gratitude, that I offer this sharing to you, Sybil and Cindy, for your gift of holding such profound Light and beauty for our Spokane community! As a long-time vendor with Holistic Festivals, my experience has been one rich of absolute flowing movement of networking, synchronistic connection with holistic practitioners, and product sales. From the moment the doors open, the ebb and flow of interested and uplifting participants, are exquisite -filled with sharing, presence, healing and light! The gift of the "sacred container' in which you hold the vision for this festival, touches every heart that has the call to 'come and experience'. Each and every festival, the flow expands an octave! It is not only, an opportunity to network about the 'offerings of my ministry', it is a communion of like-spirited beings --- celebrating the beauty, mystery and depth of their True Self. Thank you so, for the invitation to offer the inward 'journey of the Labyrinth' as a closing for this gathering of voyagers! What JOY, that we are finding our own inner pathway of remembrance of our indwelling 'glistening jewel of Light'. With such love to you both, Eloiwa DeFrietas Music Intuitive, Author of Inspirational & Personalized Sound meditations, Certified Veriditas-Labyrinth Facilitator, Healing Facilitator

I wanted to thank you and your crew for all the hard work that went into the Fest. It was an amazing success for us!! We look forward in being in all the Fests to come. You can count on us to be involved in sharing with like-minded people our amazing biofeedback. Thank you for the opportunity.

Peace be yours, Robin & Layman Mize Zone Managers for the Quantum Alliance

Thanks so much for putting together another great Holistic Festival. Once again we set a new record for sales, which has happened several times at your shows. We appreciate all the advertising you do to get the people in, and we especially appreciate how easy you both are to work with. We're looking forward to participating in some of the new shows you're planning. We have no doubt they*ll be as profitable and pleasant as your current shows. Count us in!

Kieran and the Staff of My-Chi Music

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