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About Holistic Festivals

Cindy Gardner, along with Sybil Vaughn birthed Holistic Festivals in 2003 for the

following reasons:

1. To offer an educational and fun day to the public, at a reasonable cost.

2. To offer a very reasonable and effective way for local professionals to meet people personally and share with them their special talent.

3. To offer a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere for people to spend time learning.

Their vision was to present additional and alternative modes of healing to the public, educating the public with what healing modalities are available when illness strikes and thus preparing them to investigate further the options offered and the excellent choices available.

HOLISTIC HEALING is a phrase many are not familiar with. Holistic is to treat the whole person, rather than just the physical symptom.

Years ago, when not feeling well, people turned to the use of an herb or one of mom’s old remedies using something basic from the kitchen cupboard. Most of these methods were non-invasive and did not have side effects. They worked with the body, rather than giving it something else to deal with, on top of the illness, such as a side effect from a drug.

All too often now, people simply go to the drug store, sometimes with disastrous results. A visit to the Doctor can provide us with a diagnosis of the problem. We then have choices about the kind of treatment that will best work for us. More and more often now, we are witnessing curiosity about alternative or ‘additional’ treatments, rather than the only one offered by the traditional medical professional.

Holistic includes ALL levels of healing and treatment: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Holistic Healers include all of these aspects of the person when looking at illness. Some holistic health care facilities offer a wide range of professionals, with some of the following: a Medical Doctor, kinesiologist, nutritionist, therapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, medical intuitive, one of the many forms of energy healing, and subconscious reprogramming.

We are learning that many illnesses are caused in part by an emotional challenge or a belief system that the person has clung to for a long time. The causes are crucial to preventing a re-occurrence of the condition. There is great attention paid to history and lineage in traditional medicine. We all know people who have worried themselves into a physical condition because the emphasis is so much on hereditary. Holistic healers treat each person as an individual, respecting the ‘tendencies’ in the lineage, and seeing the tendency as a tool for growth in this lifetime. Holistic practitioners understand that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT and we are incredible creators of our experiences rather than victims of our heritage.

The Festivals are a most efficient way to learn about what is available, as well as providing an opportunity to attend free half-hour lectures to learn more about holistic professionals and what they have to offer.

Holistic Festivals offer wonderful, compassionate, and very well trained alternative professionals who need better ways of reaching the public with what they have to offer. People are searching for answers to such questions as: “Is Chemo or Radiation my only choice here”? or, “Is surgery the only answer”?, “Can I get a more accurate reading on my hormone level than a blood test?” or “Can I check out my breasts without a damaging mammogram?”, and “How can I learn how to check out my tolerance and preference of foods and supplements before buying or taking them?”.

There is always something new unfolding at these Festivals. Come check out the latest on alternative energy work of different kinds, Kirlian Photography, Herbs and supplements, Bio-Feedback, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, DNA work, Natural Body Care, Natural Pain Relief, Jewelry, Art, CBD Products, Clairvoyants, BEMER Vascular Technology, Readers, Animal Communicators, Angels, EMF Protection, clothing, soaps, gifts and more.

There is always space available for interested people who have something of value to offer the public.

For those who want more information, free lectures by booth participants covering a wide range of topics will be offered. A schedule of lecture times will be out prior to the Festival. The cost of services at the booths is up to the discretion of the vendor.

The Festivals are held at CenterPlace Event Center

2426 N Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, WA

behind the Spokane Valley Mall

across from the YMCA 

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