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Pay with PayPal it's easy, fast and secure!

Payment may be made using PayPal to: / Cindy Gardner

Please notify Cindy when you've paid through PayPal - we don't want to miss you!

Application and contract and payment must be submitted and approved to secure your booth.

If you are needing to pay an amount not shown below (such as the remainder of your booth fee less the deposit you've already made)

contact Cindy and she will send you a PayPal money request for the exact amount.

If you are using a mobile phone you may have difficulty reading this chart.  Please use a computer or a tablet for ease of use.

$100 deposit to hold a booth  Please notify Cindy of the booth size desired - Mail or email her your application & contract 

Booth Size

Early Payment Discount 

see booth application for qualifying dates

Full Price Payment

6' x 8' Booth

 8' x 8' Booth

1 Table

8' x 8' Booth 

 2 Tables - CORNER space

10' x 8'

Extra Large Booth

Premium booth spaces are limited.  Please speak with Cindy regarding availability before purchase.

6' wide x 5' deep Booth

Premium Location

These are the very first booth spaces on the inside of the entrance. They are not as deep as other booths, but highly visible. 

Only 2 available

6' wide x 5' deep Booth Premium Location


8' x 8' Booth

1 Table

 Premium Location

Only 1 available

8' x 8' Booth

2 Tables - CORNER Space

 Premium Location

Only 2 available 

10' x 8'

Extra Large Booth

 Premium Location​

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