Holistic Festivals -


10:30  MAITREYA: THE WORLD TEACHER - Share International, Maitreya: The World Teacher
Video clips of Benjamin Creme's lectures about World Teacher, Maitreya and His priority of encouraging sharing in order to solve the world's most dire problems of starvation, poverty, terrorism and war. 

11:00  SEE THE FUTURE BEYOND 2020 - Michael Danforth, How to See and Create The Future
Michael will teach you how to see and create future outcomes.  He'll show you how to function as a modern day scribe.  

11:30 EARTH'S MICROBIOME & HUMAN HEALTH - Nonia Larsen, Clearwater Cultures
Join Nonia to learn how nature's microbiome can help us overcome disease, dysfunction and despair.  

12:00  WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings
Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, to help you make the best use of these heavenly helpers. She'll give you simple tools to help you become aware of their presence & receive Angelic assistance. 

12:30  PSYCHIC PANEL - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings & Steve Kaye Intrinsic Psychic Card Readings
Cindy Gardner and Steve Kaye will do readings for the audience.

 1:00 DEEP MIND MAPPING - James Barfoot CHT., Intentional Hypnosis LLC
The reason that change is difficult is that we are using old outdated maps to create the desired change.  James will show you how to create a new map and guide you on how to read it to get what your heart desires.

 1:30  ALL ABOUT PALMISTRY - Dawn Charbonneau, Palmistry
Dawn will share intricacies in the art of Palm Reading, as it was handed down to her through her Basque heritage. Join her to gain understanding of the messages in your palm.

 2:00  DIGESTIVE DILEMMAS - Deb Kitt, Dr. Mom
Dr. Mom, Deb Kitt, will teach how to assist your digestion without medication, improving your body from the inside out. She'll explain root causes and provide natural remedies for digestive issues.

  2:30  THE AMAZING URANTIA BOOK - Thomas Orjala, The Urantia Book 
The Urantia Book is a spiritual dive into the deep end of the Cosmic pool.  Join Thomas to whet your Souls appetite for the finest truths to be found anywhere on this humble planet the Angels call Urantia.

 3:00  THE ASTROLOGY OF THE BIBLE - Jason C Doud, TAO of Astrology
Astrology has not only formed our understanding of the esoteric, but has profoundly influenced the Bible as well.  Join Jason Doud for a lively discussion of Astrology's Biblical references and realities. 

 3:30  ALTERNATIVE HEALING OPTIONS FOR CANCER - Carol Taylor/Sabrina Gondor, Northwest Health and Healing
Carol and Sabrina will speak on some of the things that affect our health, making us sick. They will discuss alternative healing options, focusing on cancer, and the alternative health directory which they are creating as a resource in finding holistic practitioners.


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