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Sybil Vaughn

With great sorrow, I am announcing the passing of my friend and Holistic Festival co-founder, Sybil Vaughn. She left us on Monday, August 19th, 2019 at 7:15 pm, just shy of her 89th birthday. Many of you know her from the Holistic Festivals, which the two of us started back in 2003 as well as the amazing Tarot readings, teachings, healings and counseling she offered for so many years. She was an amazing woman who helped many people on their journey through this life. I know many of those people are on the other side helping her on her new journey over there. 

Her family is planning a reception at a later date. 

They will be at her booth at the Holistic Festival on Sat. Oct 5th for those of you who would like to connect with them. 

          She will be greatly missed and always loved and remembered.


Sybil is a Spiritual Coach, using the Voyager Tarot for direction and decision making, Shamanic Breathwork to Journey, and facilitating Soul Return to assist clients in reclaiming hidden power.

Sybil's awareness of spiritual guidance began at age 3 when she had a vision of a guardian angel, leaving an indelible blueprint in her memory of a presence of protection and guidance. A near death experience at age 21 convinced her of the power of thought and connection to the Source.

Many years of pursuing and searching for answers led her in many directions, including:
*Holistic Teacher Training at Kripalu Yoga Center
*Integrative Breathwork Training with Jaqueline Small, Eupsychia Institute, Texas
*This evolved into training with Star Wolf and incorporating shamanic practices
*Training with James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot Deck introducing Sybil to the wisdom and value of the Tarot. The integration of these experiences results in the modalities offered by Sybil for spiritual unfoldment.
The purpose of these processes is to:
*Feel the connection with Source.
*The Tarot indicates where we are on our journey, and what the next step is.
*Shamanic Breathwork peels away layers of energies (belief systems), heals the past and takes us into future potential.
*Soul Returns allow estranged Soul Pieces to re-connect, resulting in raised awareness and a sense of 'wholeness'.
Sybil has, over the years, experienced many paths of growth. Her present practice is a combination of the trainings she has found most valuable. She begins the session by using the VOYAGER TAROT deck for direction and guidance from the clients own team of spiritual guides and teachers. What emerges is information as to the next step on life's journey. This may be the healing of an old wound, letting go of something or someone, or facing a fear of success and therefore missing opportunities to move forward into new experiences. Once this new direction is determined, Sybil assists the client through
This process is a combination of connection with Source and making the necessary energetic connection to provide the healing required to move ahead in the right direction on that person's life path. The journey is thus understood, supported and expediated.
This powerful healing process inspires individuals to re-member and re-connect with their own inner healer. Through the breath we can easily alter our consciousness to connect with Spirit. The unique inward journey reveals parts of themselves perhaps never tapped before, opening up limitless possibilities. One may journey into the past to heal energy patterns that are inhibiting growth, or into the infinite potential of the future.
What is the energy for the year you are in? What is your mission in this lifetime? Where does your focus need to be? Physical, mental, emotional or spiritual? Sybil uses the Voyager Tarot deck to provide an avenue for information to be communicated from Spiritual Guidance, giving the client clear direction, insight and understanding. She interprets the cards with inspiration and clarity. Any person who is facing a life-changing decision can benefit from a Tarot Reading as Sybil examines the many options to questions asked.
Sybil has developed the ability to re-connect missing soul pieces that have dis-associated because of shock or trauma i.e. Illness, Injury, accident, surgery, abuse, loss, abandonment.
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