Holistic Festivals -
Cindy Gardner

   * Psychic
   * Healer
   * Teacher
   * Counselor
   * Author
   * Spiritual Coach
   * Business Consultant
   * Life Coach
   * Mentor

Cindy's goal is to aid individuals in:
«  Attaining and demonstrating their inner power
«  Learning to refocus their mind
«  Accelerating their personal evolution
«  Meeting and working with their Angels
«  Creating harmonious relationships
«  Exploring the effect of past lives on the present
«  Goal Setting
«  Understanding their strengths & weaknesses
«  Controlling the direction their lives take
«  Accelerating their healing process
«  Living consciously
«  Releasing victim thinking
«  Moving beyond ego onto a spiritual path

As a student of metaphysics for over 40 years, Cindy has never missed an opportunity to expand and deepen her knowledge. She has been a counselor, teacher, life coach and psychic for over 30 years. Cindy works internationally from Canada and Mexico to Australia. In addition to a natural psychic ability, in 1988 Cindy was trained in the Integrated Awareness Technique of Psychic Development in Chicago, Ill. That same year she became a Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition. Cindy has been teaching and living A Course in Miracles for over 30 years. A native of St. Paul, Minnesota, Cindy has lived in Washington State for 40 years, moving to the Spokane area 20 years ago. Cindy began sponsoring Psychic Fairs in Walla Walla and Tri-Cities, Washington, 30 years ago. Now, together with Sybil Vaughn, Cindy has created and organized 'Holistic Festivals', holding these wonderful events in Spokane, Washington.

Angels of Light - Cards of Clarity
Cindy announces her new deck of Angel cards
The amazing light-images created by local artist Laura Bold, are remarkable and unique. This fabulous 44-card deck provides a simple way to determine the Angelic assistance occurring in ones life and to receive guidance from those Angels. The cards are helpful in receiving Angel assistance on dealing with an issue, situation or relationship and with guidance. Daily cards can also be selected to connect with the Angels currently offering support in ones life. The cards are available at the Holistic Festivals or by calling Cindy at 509-468-9001 or contacting her by e-mail at

Psychic Readings  Cindy is a gifted psychic. She is known internationally for her readings, which are compassionate, accurate and helpful. Topics include: Angels, relationships, love, children, career, health, past lives, finances, life goals, future, etc. Cindy can help you understand whatever is going on in your life so you can move forward into a place of balance and growth. 

Metaphysical  Retreats & Classes 
Cindy offers retreats and classes in her rural Spokane area home on such topics as:  healing, Gaining Clarity, Attaining Inner Peace, Working with your Angels and Finding your True Purpose.  She also teaches about working with crystals and colors and your chakras.  The day includes classes, readings, healing tools, as well as time to make friends with like-minded individuals.  Everything is provided to create a light-hearted, nurturing experience while learning about metaphysical/spiritual concepts.  Call or email her for upcoming events.  You can also gather your own group and choose your own topic.  Cindy will plan the date around your schedule.
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