Holistic Festivals -

             FREE LECTURES FOR Sept. 30, 2017

10:30     MAITREYA: THE WORLD TEACHER - Share International,  Maitreya:  The World Teacher – Video clips about Maitreya.  Background information about His emergence and world transformation expectations. 

11:00   IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH - Nonia Larsen, Clearwater Cultures 
Nonia will explain what is damaging our immune system, how it affects our cells and body functions, and how to correct that damage.

11:30   CHOOSING & USING STONES - Maryann Smith, Gaia’s Rock’n Crystals  Maryann, owner of Gaia’s Rock’n Crystals,  will teach how to choose and work with the stones that are perfect for you. 

12:00  WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner,  Psychic Angel Readings Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, to help you make the best use of these heavenly helpers.  She'll give you simple tools to help you receive Angelic assistance.

12:30   CHINESE REFLEXOLOGY - Angelique Chavez, Vast Healing 
Angelique will teach you specific points to address sensitivities, blocks and disruption in meridian flow. 

1:00   ALL ABOUT PALMISTRY - Dawn Charbonneau,  Palmistry 
Dawn will share intricacies in the art of Palm Reading, as it was handed down to her through her Basque heritage.  Join her to gain understanding of the messages in your palm. 

1:30   THE POWER OF HEART & MIND - Rebecca Knight, HeartMath 
Learn about the Power of your Heart in making choices when unhappy, stressed out or challenged.  Discover more desserts in your life through Heart Math. 

2:00  SELF DISCOVERY  THROUGH NUMEROLOGYPeggy Raye,  Numerology Peggy will give an overview of what Numerology tells you about yourself and the direction/intention of your life, as well as information on current month & year vibration. 

2:30   HEALTH IS SIMPLE - Dr. Larry CallawayDr. Kim White, Intelligent Balance  Your health is your greatest wealth.  Learn simple steps to create a healthier you.  Join us for a “Power Half-Hour” of health & wellbeing. 

3:00   THERAPEUTIC SOUND HEALING- Amber Jackson, Jewels Sound Alchemy   Renew and refresh from this therapeutic sound healing experience.  Using her crystal bowls, Amber guides you on a short journey bringing healing to your cells and peace to your nervous system.  

3:30   CANNIBUS HEALTH AWARENESS - Tracy Sirrine, Patients for Patients        Medical  - Learn about the Endo-Cannabinoid System in our bodies and how cannibus can feed and regulate that system. 

4:00    PSYCHIC PANEL  - Holistic Festival creators - Cindy Gardner (Psychic Angel Readings) & Sybil Vaughn (Intuitive Tarot) will do readings for the audience.  

4:30    THE MAGIC OF METAPHORS - Lorie Streeter, Streeterbuilt LLC 
Learn how the universe is speaking to you every minute, and how to use these messages as a launching pad for change.  Lorie will teach how our bodies process information in a split second and suggest actions for you to take to make changes.

 5:00  COLON - HYDROTHERAPYJeanne Tribbett, 2 B Well
Jeanne will explain why the brain and the colon are best friends, the effect it has on your body and why the colon is the CEO of your body.

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