Holistic Festivals -

             FREE LECTURES FOR June 10, 2017


10:30     MAITREYA: THE WORLD TEACHER - Share International,  Maitreya:  Messenger of Hope – Video clips about Maitreya.  Background information about His emergence and world transformation priorities.
11:00    CHOOSING AND USING YOUR STONES  - Maryann Smith, Gaia’s Rock’n Crystals - Maryann, owner of Gaia’s Rock’n Crystals, will teach how to find the stones that are for you and the best ways to use them.
11:3  HEALTH IS SIMPLE - Dr. Larry Callaway, Intelligent Balance - Health can be simple.  Join Dr. Callaway to take your health to the next level.  Posture, balance and more will be shared.
12:00     WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner,  Psychic Angel Readings - Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, to help you make the best use of these heavenly helpers.  She'll share simple tools to help you receive Angelic assistance.
12:30    THE ART OF PALM READING  - Dawn Charbonneau,  Palmistry  Dawn will share intricacies in the art of Palm Reading, as it was handed down to her through her Basque heritage.  Join her to gain understanding of the messages in your palm.
1:0  BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM  – Nonia Larsen, Clearwater CulturesNonia will explain about the Holistic renewal of our immune system using natures medicines.
1:30    CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY FOR HEALTH - Dr. John Fudens, HMC, DVM, PH,  Affinity Holistic Clinic – Dr. Fudens will speak on using Homeopathy to treat disease in animals and people.
2:00   STRESS REDUCTION TIPS - Nancy Ferre, Balanced Life Biofeedback- Join Biofeedback Master, Nancy Ferre, who will teach techniques to assist you in staying calm during times of stress.
2:30    SELF-AWARENESS THROUGH NUMEROLOGY - Peggy Raye, Numerology - Peggy shares the power of numbers and an understanding of how they influence our lives.  Come learn about this magnificent tool for self-awareness and understanding.  
3:00  THE NOT SO SWEET SIDE OF SUGAR- Emily Farish, Acupuncture - Emily will speak about the truth behind a billion dollar industry that wants you sick and to putting weight on.
3:30    FORGETTING  UNWANTED PAST EXPERIENCES- Michael Danforth, Kingdom Kreators - People struggle with hurtful memories from the past not knowing there is a way to sever them once and for all. This talk incorporates both the world of science and spirit.
4:00    PSYCHIC PANEL  - Holistic Festival creators - Cindy Gardner (Psychic Angel Readings& Sybil Vaughn (Intuitive Tarotwill do readings for the audience. 
4:30    THERAPEUTIC SOUND HEALING JOURNEY - Amber Jackson ,Jewels Sound Alchemy- Journey into the healing realms with Himalayan Singing Bowls guiding you into deep relaxation and theta alpha brain waves, while you release pain patterns held in the cells of the body, allowing your mind to rest and connect to inner guidance.
5:00    THE AMAZING URANTIA BOOK - Thomas Orjala, The Urantia Book- The Urantia Book has been raising the vibration on earth (also known as Urantia) for 60 years.  Discover how this beautiful book can help you grow spiritually.

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